Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/1/17

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Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/1/17

Postby captgenekelly » Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:09 am

Seabass season opened this week and I guess pretty successfully. But with a 3 fish bag limit, fishing
doesn’t have to be very good to be considered successful. But it also seems to have helped the fluke fishing. Many of the boats went out to the deeper waters like Rocky Hill or Cartwright and found real good fishing for big flatties in addition to the seabass.

The striped bass fishing has also improved. Fishing had been good all week, but most of the fish were on the small side or even the short side. Then on the weekend a new bunch of fish moved in with lots of big ones

Offshore a lot of the bluesharks moved east but the summer makos, those from 30-100 lbs. have been showing up, a welcome trade. Not much on the tuna though. A few small yellowfins are out on the Edge, but no sign of the bluefin that we saw locally over the past couple of seasons around this time of year.

And, last but not least, Goldberg’s opened up at Four Oaks with their hours 6 – 4 daily.

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