MAR 7, 2019 - REGINA E: CUSTOM TILE FISH RIGS - (info here)

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MAR 7, 2019 - REGINA E: CUSTOM TILE FISH RIGS - (info here)

Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:20 am

For those at the Ward Melville show this past weekend, Captain Chet of the:

REGINA E: 917-686-4515 or

Had a number of different custom Golden and Blueline Tilefish rigs available for sale. All of his rigs have the highest of quality components starting with the Owner Circle hooks, barrel swivels, three way swivels, glow chafe - plastic squid skirts and beads as well as the leader material. All connections are by crimps.


As I previously mentioned he makes a number of different types of tilefish rigs depending on the conditions and what fishermen target when deep dropping. He also has a custom tilefish rig which is used for those with electrical reels when prospecting over new and especially deep drop bottom which has an added extra circle hook on the rig. As important, he has tilefish rigs with and without glow skirts for use when the dogfish are barking in the late winter and early spring period when one wisely just uses a cut strip bait. These rigs have a glow bead and glow tubing as the attractants with the strip bait.

At the show, a number of his rigs were sold, with most picking up a couple of different types that came in a nice zip-loc bag to place your rig back into after the days fishing.


Notice the tilefish rigs with the branch line standing off the mainline, and as you drift in 60 fathoms or deeper water your line will scope away at an angle especially when the current makes for a quicker drift. Also these tilefish rigs are setup with an Owner 'ringed' hook similar in size and quality to the Charlie Brown used on another popular commercially produced rig that is used. This is high quality terminal tackle that we use here...... and I will add, I USE, and it is not what you see being sold either at shows or online.

One last point since I have been asked about the color of the glow plastic skirts, beads, chafe or glow tubing and it is about whether choosing a tilefish rig based on the color combinations "we see" with the glo-green, glo-pink, glo-white or even glo-red makes a difference. All I can pass along here is to take a rig, and go off in the dark and tell me what you see when the lights are off and its the glow of the components.

For those interested, contact Captain Chet and speak with him for more details and to place orders which are promptly shipped.

I would recommend for those looking for more details on tile fishing and deep dropping, and in depth series of five articles were written and can be found here in our MEMBERS ONLY FORUM:


Regina E Sportfishing Charters Brooklyn, N.Y.


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Re: MAR 7, 2019 - REGINA E: CUSTOM TILE FISH RIGS - (info here)

Postby Cpt Chet F/V ReginaE » Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:30 am

Thanks a million Steve!!
I had a great time meeting alot of new people at the show and look forward to seeing them on the water soon.
I still have some left to sell. The rest will be fishing hopefully in a couple weeks.
My fingers are finally healing from those hooks- they are vicious!!

P.S.- I'll keep going with the promotion of buy a rig for $12 and get 20 bucks off a tile fish trip fare!
Captain Chet O'Leary
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