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Posted By Capt.Carl
Date Posted 2012-04-23 12:04:16

Friday April 20- 32 Hour Tile
Captain Steven Sr. and crew returned to Montauk this morning at 3am from the 32 hour Northern Grouper and Tile Hunt and as planned, Captain Steven once again delivered on his prediction that the Goliath Northern Grouper are here Now!After a sloppy ride out we awoke to severely gorgeous weather. The sunrise burnt off the fog and displayed a windless Atlantic Ocean and by 5 am lines were in the water dropping to the deep on a newly discovered bottom structure. We were hoping for an explosion but were extremely disappointed as all the was caught was a handful monster Pollack, a cod and one lonely Tile.
Well it was a quick steam to the next stop, it was the canyon edge where Captain Steven had found the Northern Grouper in abundance on a Sea Bass trip back in 2007 and it would not disappoint as it was loaded. With zero wind, he position the boat right on to and as soon as the lines hit the bottom the feeding frenzy began. You could tell by the fight they were back and bountiful and the slam was on. In two hours we landed at least 60 of these deep water Armadillos, and probably lost just as many to snapped leader as once again double headers were not uncommon. Bob Qiu who decided to not join the pool fought what we thought was a double for about 10 minutes. While most fish ranged in the 10-18lb class, Bob boated a 30+ lb Goliath. He had a total of 7 N.G. and a Tile for the day and a cooler that weighed about 100lbs in assorted meat. Along with the N.G. we had some monster Pollack to 20lbs. With Jim Parente landing the largest. Jim however did not take the edible pool, but he did take both first and second place Tile pool. It should also be noted that Jim took Capt. Stevens advice, used one hook when recommended, was always the first at the rail ready to drop, and used smaller baits so he could easily set the hook. You can tell by Jims smile in the pictures he had an outstanding day. By 11am we moved on to the Tile Grounds but Mother Nature would not cooperate. Its not that we had wind, it was that we had zero wind and could not get the boat to drift above 0.1 Knot. Without covering ground, we only managed to pick a few Tiles. So Captain Steven went to his old books and picked out numbers from his old Long-line days. We soon found out that lightening can strike twice, one on, two on, five we go again. Double header Northerns popping up everywhere. Nuno Costello had three doubles in a row to 18lbs. Arm weary Mike Xenakis nailed a 21lber that took the largest edible pool. Henry Playa Rudolph and Curtis Timmy Tems smoked to 16lbs, hand cranking the entire day. John had another Stella day and went home with plenty of Fillet! Honorable Mention Goes out to Alice Omichi as she was appointed Queen of the Tiles!
Captain Steven, Captain Anthony and First Mate Bobby would like to thank this great crew for a trip to remember. And once again stay tuned as Captain Steven is trying to clear the schedule for a May 4th Limited Load Goliath Grouper Wreck Challenge!

And now for a Viking Alert. There was a Vietnam War veteran by the name of Joe on the boat. Joe lost bone in his elbow during the war, yet stood at the rail all day and did a fantastic job, landing a handful of N.G. As we helped Joe off with his cooler, he noticed one of his two bags of fillet was missing. We at the Viking will make it up to Joe and his partner, but to the two individuals wearing sea sick buttons, we know who you are! and you both have made it to THE LIST. All fisherman should be made aware that while the crew does their best to keep an eye out for our customers and friends, however we can not cover everything. The best way to ensure your fish remain that way is to bring a smaller cooler for fillet only and secure it at the end of trip. This behavior will no longer be tolerated, especially to a War Veteran who fought for our freedom. Joe, whether its Captain Ant or any Viking crew member, we will always be there when you get tired and help you reel up!

Friday April 20- 2 Day Stellwagen
Captain Carl reports from the Viking Star that the first Stellwagen trip was a bit of a grind. We arrived on the grounds early Saturday morning and found loads and loads of mackeral and herring but only a few Cod under them. We continued to work the bank in different depths and pretty much found the same thing everywhere, a pick of Cod with lots of shorts and even none of the keepers had any size to them. We also saw some tiny Pollock. Eventually the wind picked up so we anchored up and picked away at the Cod catching a couple of Haddock in the mix. By the end of the day the slow pick started to add up to something. Before the sun went down we tried some hard bottom and caught a few more cod, a few Redfish, a few Cusk and 2 Wolffish that we released. Over night some of the die hards stayed up and fished and they some Cod all through the night with Kenny catching 10 keepers! On day 2 things did not change much, we looked around and saw a lot of the same stuff, a few here and a few there. We landed another Wolfish that was released as well a couple more keeper Cod and Cusk. Eventually the wind came on strong and it was time to go home. We had all the typical Stellwagen fish onboard but nothing of great size, just so-so numbers. High hook onboard had 21 Cod and 1 Haddock. Ken Bothel from Mercer County NJ took the cod pool, Johnny Washington from Freeport NY was the Haddock Pool winner and Joe Vason from Hamilton NJ took this trips edible pool with a Cusk. There is tons of bait up on the bank so things should improve soon. We are really looking forward to going again!!

32 Hour Limited Load Goliath Grouper Wreck Challenge!
Due to the great results of this weekends trip Captain Steven Sr has added a trip to our offshore schedule
Sailing: Friday May 4 2012
Departure Time: 10PM
Return Time: Sunday May 6th at 6AM
Cost: $325.00. Call to book or book online!

We are now booking for all 2012 Fishing trips, including all Summer trips! Call or reserve online.

Dave Duffy has a couple of spots available on his May 17th to May 20 offshore Charter. If anyone would like to join this trip please call us at the office here and we will put you in touch with Dave.
(631) 668-5700

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