Title/Location Dorothy B., Highlands NJ
Region New Jersey - Raritan Bay
Fishing Method Inshore
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Date Posted 2011-10-19 23:57:31

Sunday, October 16, 2011
SUNDAY 10/16

With the west wind, I kept my fingers crossed to make it 5 in a row, but luck was not with me. Fished in near the beach in relatively calm waters, but as I expected, the bass moved off.

Took a short ride and fished in unsheltered waters (good ground heave) and had a good blast of fish, but by then it was too late in the day. Oh well, win some lose some, tomorrow is another day.

Pic is of Al Abramson with his limit and the pool fish.
I'll be there tomorrow, so grab some warm outerwear and keep Tim and I company.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another good day of striper fishing. Hit the fish right away, had 4 on within minutes of dropping anchor. The frenzy continued for about 2 hours, wind came on, dropped another anchor to stop the swing, and had a decent pick for the rest of the day.

Probably had about 25 keepers for 14 anglers and tons of shorts. There were several limits and most had one, although some, like Denise, caught 6 but not a keeper. John had his limit and the pool fish.

Sailing every day

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