Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/24/17

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Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/24/17

Postby captgenekelly » Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:29 am

This week’s report is just about the same as last weeks. Good striped bass fishing for mostly big fish. Good fluke and seabass with the best of it south of the Point in the deep water. Shark fishing is slow but interesting.

The bluefins about 15-20 miles south of the Point have been joined by some yellowfins with hot fishing one day, and then almost no action the next. The HURRY UP was out Friday and caught five bluefins, only keeping two, and three yellows, all around 40-50 pounds at least. Frank said he must have seen a hundred whales and more porpoise than ever before in his life, and as it says in his website Frank has been fishing here since “Joe was a Jet”. Saturday the place was a dessert. I heard second hand about a bunch of whales and fish somewhere southeast of Block Island, maybe around the Tuna Bank. Back in the 80’s when we were chunking for tuna there were times when the fish would be at the West Bank one day, 600/800 the next and then at the Tuna Bank the next. I can remember leaving port late at times, hoping to hear a report from early boats to help decide where to aim. Maybe that’s the situation again.

Last week I forgot to report on Star Island’s week long fluke tournament. The results are as follows;
ROCKFISH – 9.45 lb.
JESSABELLE – 8.85 lbs.
TOADELY HOOK – 8.6 lbs

The Canyon Challenge wrapped up their week long tournament on Saturday with the following results;

Heaviest Tuna
220.8 lbs. big eye - REBEL
62.2 lbs. yellowfin - BLUEWATER

Yellow Fin
62.2 lbs. – BLUE WATER
59.2 lbs. - CATT IN THE HATT

Top 3 Yellowfin
167.5 lbs. - RELENTLESS
161 lbs. – SNEAKY PETE

Mahi Mahi
17.7 lbs. – THE THREE G’S
17.4 lbs. - OVERTIME

22.7 lbs. - JANEY

25.9 lbs. – KRISTIN Lynn
22.5 lbs. - KAITEEELIN

15.4 lbs. – SNEAKY PETE

Female Angler
48.0 lbs. - yellowfin - Harriet Ball – ON THE BALL

Junior Angler
43.6 lbs. – yellowfin - George Vergakis – KRISTIN LYNN

Trifecta – yellowfin, albacore, mahi
93.7 lbs. - KAITEEELIN

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