Montauk Sportfishing Report 8/14/17

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Montauk Sportfishing Report 8/14/17

Postby captgenekelly » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:59 am

For me lately fishing kind of sucks. Or maybe I’ve reached my sell by date and I suck.
One day this week I tried bottom fishing locally as opposed to out around Cartwright. Short fluke, small seabass, porgies and sea robins were easy to find, but keeper fluke or seabass were pretty damn scarce. I finally got po’d and took a run over to Twenty Minutes East, which is in between the Sub Buoy and Southwest Ledge. Back in the day when we could keep a reasonable amount of seabass that was one of my go-to spots, but in recent years it I felt it was too far for the limits we were allowed. It kind of sucked there too. We finally got our six sandwich sized keepers, but we had to go to bucktails to do it. On bait everything was too small.

OK so the next trip I decide to give the tuna a shot over towards Tuna Ridge. After four hours of going around in circles watching tons of tuna pushing water all over the place and dodging whales, I gave up on that too.

My next trip will be for the threshers that everybody and his mother have been catching. I know the secret to that; don’t go too far. The 750 line is the absolute outside limit if you want to catch the threshers. The Miss Montauk even hooked into a six footer on a fluke bait at Cartwright during the week.

I don’t even think about trying for stripers. They are playing hard to get as well. But if you want to go, the secret is to go early or stay late; or both. And we don’t do early. The exception was for a short time around 11 am on Sunday when there was a flurry of action on the tubes and only on the tubes in front of the Lighthouse. It was enough to turn around a couple of half day boats on the way in.

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