March 21, 2012 - Keep Fishermen Fishing! U.S. Coastal Fishermen Rally in Washington, D.C - THE PICS & VIDEO of the Historic Day

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Re: March 21, 2012 - Keep Fishermen Fishing! U.S. Coastal Fishermen Rally in Washington, D.C - THE PICS & VIDEO of the Historic Day

Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Thu Mar 29, 2012 9:25 am


First I like to thank Eric Grant from Conn., who sent in a donation in support the SHEEPSHEAD BAY bus. Eric thank you, and fishermen like yourself who could not make it, still helping out for this very important cause.

For those who have followed the news reports after the Rally, the turnout of fishermen was noticeably effected by the lack of support from the fishing-based print media and numerous internet fishing sites..The support from the recreational fishing community as we saw, was noticeably 'under whelming.'

So where does the proposed bills from the senate and house go?

Good question, as I do foresee even greater uncertainty of their success in making it through to the floor of both chambers for discussion especially after the politicians in Washington saw the showing of fishermen that attended this Rally.

The whole purpose of the Rally was to have politicians amend the timetable provision that was written into the revised MSA, since many of the rebuilding timetables were based upon arbitrary and speculative 'best guesses' on a number of fish stocks reaching a defined rebuilt status.

There were other issues that were brought up during the Rally, and that has more to do with the rogue operation of NOAA FISHERIES by Administrator Jane Lubchneco. Hot button sub-issues such as the ever continuing New England Catch Shares program fiasco, the anti-fishing theme within a federal government agency charged with rebuilding our fisheries, vindictive enforcement of fishermen and fishing businesses, and what is viewed by fishermen as an anti-fishing regulatory environment with the tightest of bag limits and open seasons, are all very important but were not the main objective with this Rally. Most of these issues will change in the positive if YOU fishermen vote out the current progressive administration though.

I know, and in speaking for both Captain Tony;'s, we tried our damned hardest to make a difference, not only for ourselves, but for everyone who either goes fishing or is involved in the fishing business.

Hopefully many of you will vote this election to not only put politicians into office who can make a difference in the future outlook for fishermen, but most importantly, our nation.

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