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Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:50 am

NY RFHFA...My Criminal Enterprise

Been a rough couple of months, as most know that I've had some recent health problem. Fortunately, and thank god I'm feeling MUCH better. My doctors said no stress. So, that's why you haven't heard much from me on the fisheries management/politics front the past few weeks. Fish politics, happens to be the root of all stress for a criminal such as myself... What is my crime of choice you ask? Supporting a family of 4 through fishing, and operating a for-hire recreational fishing vessel. God forgive me, people pay me to take them out, and legally harvest fish to take home and eat! Ohhh the humanity!!!!

When I was recuperating, all the cockroaches came scurrying out while the lights were dimmed. It seems that there is a group of anglers who are shedding lots of tears over the removal of Mr. John McMurray from the ASMFC. They call themselves "conservation minded anglers", and I've been referred to as someone who "just wants to kill everything". This is laughable. When have I ever called for any unreasonable "kill em all" regulations? When have I even mentioned any numbers when it comes to the harvest of Black Sea Bass, or Fluke? Have you ever heard the NYRFHFA complain about the one fish striped bass limit (the pagan god that drives these far left groups of anglers)? No. You've heard our battle cry from the beginning....Fair and Equitable Regulations for NY Saltwater Anglers! The same old, same old was not working, as evidenced by the regulatory death spiral that we are currently in. Doesn't matter how healthy a stock such as sea bass is...you're getting cut anyway. It was time for some new blood, and fresh views, and the vast majority of recreational saltwater anglers, especially the tens of thousands that fish aboard the decks of party and charter boats thank Senator Phil Boyle for making the change. It's about time that these peoples voices were heard! We can't thank you enough, and look forward to working with Mike Falk.

I've also heard the New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association president apparently has some issues with the NYRFHFA, with Congressman Lee Zeldin, with HR 200, and therefore is against your right to fair and equitable regulations. They feel all is currently well, and that the DEC, and Jim Gilmore are doing a fine job! So let me get this straight...your mission statement is to make a "profound economic impact", I assume through through tackle sales, via more people fishing, and your organization is ok with the current regulatory climate? You're okay with restricted access in the BI Transit Zone? You're ok with surrounding states having much better regulations? You're okay with the fact that NY anglers are the only state in the region to be denied access to a winter flounder fishery in June through Dec? Happy that the Feds approved a winter Sea Bass season, only to be denied by the DEC? Something just doesn't add up here...Could be Charles, could be that pagan God again...Who knows. Maybe you guys can set up tackle booths at the bridges, and tunnels to sell gear to all the anglers who now regularly travel out of state for better regulations. You'll make a killing...

What I do know is if your are too far to the left. If you or your organization want to save the fish at all costs (even when they don't need saving), at the expense of the hard working men and women who own, and operate for-Hire vessels. If you discount those who fish aboard these vessels, you will be exposed.

Garrett Armwood...I think you're a great guy. Was good seeing you the other day. Nothing personal, but Senator Chuck Schumer is loosing, or has lost the trust, support, and votes of the vast majority of fishermen both recreational, and commercial here in the marine district of NY. He has lost the support of the blue collar fishermen. I hope he does something to get it back. Hanging out with Charles Witek even if it's just for a good seafood lunch isn't a good look to many of us.

Big thanks to Dean Murray, one the most trustworthy, decent of men that I have ever had the chance to work with. I look forward to having you in the state Senate come Nov. A true friend to the fishing community and industry. We need you to help us clean house.

We support Marcus Molinaro for Governor. We have sat down with the man. He is genuine. He will help the fishing industry in NY.

And of course, we support our main man, Congressman Lee Zeldin. Thank you Lee for everything you've done for us so far, and thanks in advance for everything you will continue to do for us in the future, after you mop the floor with Perry Gershon in Nov.

Finally, posted below is a picture of the day, I got into the crime business full time.... The day I quit my Union job, cashed out my retirement early, and gave up my benefits to live the American Dream... The day I bought the KING COD. I look back on this day now, and see how young my kids were, and the risk that I took... Was it worth it? HELL YEAH! My daughter now a senior in high school, looking at colleges, my son now a United States Marine. Even though I'm far from being dollar rich, I'm rich in other ways. No one is going to take that away from me without a fight to the death.
You've been warned...

If you haven't yet, join the fight at http://www.nyrfhfa.com

Captain Joe Tangel
Moriches, NY


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Re: OCT 12, 2018 - CAPTAIN JOE 'KING COD' - HIS THOUGHTS AT THIS TIME: NY RFHFA...My Criminal Enterprise

Postby EC NEWELLMAN » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:56 pm

My response upon socialized media this morning....

Friends...fishermen and so many others who are reading what Captain Joe 'KING COD' has written here. What can one say when a man places his business but as much, his family on the line in the public realm? The fishing industry in our great country has been under attack for decades, first with the foreign invaders who pillaged our fish stocks, at times in sight of our very shores. Then a grand idea by those in congress in 1976 to push these resource-rapers from off our coast, but in doing so we fishermen now allowed our government to regulate not only the fish stocks, but as much the fishermen.

We have seen how this has worked out, and yes, only an ignorant individual would not admit to a number of victories in the management of severely depleted fish stocks. But with this, there was a human cost as Captain Joe has pointed out with what is essentially the fishermen-cleansing regulatory policies that has whittled down the number of for-hire and commercial fishing jobs all across our country. We fishermen do understand that we are a integral part of fishery management, as without healthy stocks, fishermen in the for-hire industry cannot carry the fishing public, or those in the commercial fishing industry are unable to make a living from the harvesting of seafood. Along with this constant regulatory give and take over each and ever year since the federal government has been involved in directly managing our fisheries, we fishermen especially in the recreational sector have tried to adjust to these requirements such as larger minimum possession size, ever smaller possession limits and of course, that much shorter in days for an open season.

I just want to remind everyone here that a close friend of mine, and one of the most noted hand gear commercial fishermen right here in the County of Kings stated to me almost three decades ago, "saltwater fishing will essentially become like freshwater fishing with the smallest of possession limits and actual open and closed seasons." Folks, think about this for a moment on hearing this from someone who was akin to a 'Mickey Mantle' in commercial hand gear fishing making this statement to me in the late 1980s! Was he the proverbial 'canary in a coal mine' in just spouting out something that made us from Sheepshead Bay wonder what he was getting at? But he was right with this prophecies on what was coming for 'all' fishermen as the government engaged in the salami-like practice of "taking a little of this, and that" starting in the 1990s, and then speeding up the process by now taking regulatory chunks post the millennium to where for the vast majority of species we are allowed seven or less in possession, and open seasons which for some species has been condensed into a two month block, in a sense the recreational version of a fishing derby for this time period until the following year when it re-opens.

This brings me to the point on why the NY RFHFA was formed, and as Captain Joe specifically points out, it was for "fair and reasonable recreational regulations." The for-hire industry has been at the "tip of the spear" in providing this service to the public for over a century in a number of shoreline communities along our coast. The NY RFHFA represents all recreational fishermen, not just those who fish upon party and charter vessels. As I am reminded from time to time by a noted New Jersey party boat owner/operator, "those same fishermen who fish with me during the fall, winter and spring, are the same fishermen who have their own private boats and fish along the shoreline during the warmer months on the calendar."

There is much, much more to say and will be discussed over the next few days, but I do not want to distract from the main point made by Captain Joe. Understand what he is saying to you the fishing public that we are here for "reasonable" recreational regulations...and how can anyone, especially for those who are in the recreational fishing business or calling themselves recreational fishermen, fight the NY RFHFA over the idea of "reasonableness?"

As Captain Joe summed up, "Finally, posted below is a picture of the day of my family, I got into the crime business full time.... The day I quit my union job, cashed out my retirement early, and gave up my benefits to live the American Dream." Needless to say, much more will be discussed on how we continue to fight against those who have other ideas on what we can do and keep along our coastal waters.

EC Newellman

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Re: OCT 12, 2018 - CAPTAIN JOE 'KING COD' - HIS THOUGHTS AT THIS TIME: NY RFHFA...My Criminal Enterprise

Postby MisterX » Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:12 am

My hats off to Joe and every other captain that chooses to stay in the business year after year despite the rules being constantly changed.

Most fishermen cannot and do not appreciate the time and effort that these guys put in just so they can have a memorable day on the water. From the time spent with yard work in the winter to the constant dock work and maintenance before and after a trip, it's plain to see how most guys are in the business simply for the love of fishing. There are much easier ways to make a buck!

My hope is that common sense prevails and that the powers that be realize that our oceans can be shared by those who harvest and those who dont. One group should never have the power to impose their will against the other and thats what I feel is happening in our fisheries and society in general.

Thank you Joe, Steve and the rest of those involved with creating the NY RFHFA! You stood up and fought back. I respect and applaud you all!!!

"When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others" - Chinese Proverb
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