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GT Knot! Stronger Than The FG? Is It?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 1:31 pm
by Scuba Chris
The STRONGEST Knot per IFGA in 2018! The GT Knot? I

f you want to bypass the preliminaries go to time frame 2:25. Many anglers have trust in their memorized knots. Most like me use the FG. If you take the time to read how the knots were tested you might want to try this knot. All us anglers desire a knot that doesn't snap at the knot and is easy to tie. This may be the knot for you. Throughout the years i always want to try different gear to develop my own opinion.

Most gear i found lacked the advertised "dependability". Others amazingly surpassed my desires. The ones that looked & were "expensive" were the biggest disappointments. Often the plain units were the most dependable. I tried this GT knot before. It was ok. I think i'm going to use it more often to develop more trust in it. I don't think the IFGA is out there to steer us wrong.

(Remember that the IFGA's electronic tensioner tested a 50lb braid mainline to a 80lb mono leader to come to this conclusion. Line thickness varies knot strength for all knots. Using thinner line may affect knot strength).