How I Prepared My Whopper Ploppers Surface Lures!

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How I Prepared My Whopper Ploppers Surface Lures!

Postby Scuba Chris » Fri Nov 12, 2021 1:45 pm

I Made These Video Segments a Long Time Back!

I was clearing out one of my external drives & i found these segments from awhile back that i never put together. So i decided to put it together & post it. I never got anymore of these Whopper Plopper lures (yeah, i spelled Plopper as Popper in the title). I lost 1 to a cuda on this day. The other a large strike straighten out the trebles & i posted that on the WP site. They deleted that video & the poster. So i replaced the trebles and a large bird dived bombed my lure & had to take the hooks out with the help of another nearby angler.

So i gave him that lure out of appreciation. That video is on my site. I think i was being told not to use it anymore. Yeah, us fishermen are extremely superstitious. It is a very unique lure. Throws a lot of water! I bet it produces sound that mimics a wounded fish as well. When i looked online it seems the overseas market has copied this lure to produce cheaper copies. Maybe 1 day i'll try it again. I distinctly remembered purchasing around 8 of eBay years back. I have so much clutter around here that i may never find them again.

I even had 1 of my old Okuma vintage rods in this video, the T-40X Steelhead Spin Rods back then. Wish i still had them.
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