My LARGEST Bonefish This Year at 11.1lb!

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My LARGEST Bonefish This Year at 11.1lb!

Postby Scuba Chris » Sat Nov 19, 2022 8:13 pm

I Was STOKED To Fight This Fish In To Get It Weighed Before Releasing It!

Yup, my largest Bonefish "O'io" this year! I know the strike i took the other day was from a much larger O'io but couldn't land it. A few anglers will say that a GT is much larger & exerts more power. True. What i'm saying here is the Bonefish for it's size is probably the fastest & strongest reef fish pound for pound in it's weight class.

After I weighed my prize i let it go. I'm not like the majority of other anglers who try to impress others by catching & keeping the most fish. I do this because i enjoy it. I share my information for those just starting off & i highlight the equipment that i use to educate others. There's a lot of raw information to pick & choose out there. Just find the right one that'll help you become an established angler.
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